Wellness Wackerberg:
Pampering in the Eifel

Wellness Wackerberg:
Pampering in the Eifel

»What happens without breaks is not permanent.«


Ovid, Roman poet, 43 BC – 17 AC

C aresses received for body, mind and soul, descend from everyday life to bring their own life back into balance:
For one guest, this means a relaxing massage, the other one visits a thermal spa or takes a walk through nature to consciously perceive the smell of the trees and the sounds of the birds.

In any case, the Eifel - and the Waldquartier Wackerberg - offers the best conditions for a special kind of break!

panorama 360°-Ansicht

Time out

swing Of course, you can try relaxing in an Indian ashram or a Buddhist monastery. The Waldquartier Wackerberg in the Northern Eifel is much easier to reach, less than an hour's drive from Cologne, Bonn or Aachen, but at least 2.5 kilometres from the next inhabited house.
There is no guru or zen master, but unfamiliar tranquillity in the middle of the forest, lots of fresh air, a healthy climate at an altitude of 500 m and a lot of space to come up with other ideas. The property covers almost 40,000 sqm, embedded in the Olefer church forest.


Pure relaxation

A visit to the sauna, as many say, is like a little holiday in between. Together with the ensuing cold shower, the body's own defences are strengthened and relaxation leads to more balance in stressful everyday life.
A generously proportioned sauna facility for up to eight persons is located in the basement of the holiday home with a direct exit into nature, with shower and large cooling basin.

table tennis

Fitness unit

Wellness and exercise are not necessarily mutually exclusive - on the contrary: a table tennis match among friends or a few crunches for the perfect bathing figure are a welcome addition.
There is no need for a Wackerberg guest to visit the nearest fitness studio, the basics are available inside the house.

Thermen & Badewelt Euskirchen

Caribbean flair

A pool surrounded by more than 500 palms, a sauna with a view of a giant aquarium:The roof weighs about 200 tons, open in fine weather, on an area of 18,000 sqm, surrounded by a real glass palace. With these superlatives, one of Europe's largest fun baths opened at the end of 2015 - the Thermen und Badewelt Euskirchen.

Not quite as impressive, but to be reached faster from Wackerberg is the recreational spa Monte Mare in Kreuzau and the Eifel-Therme Zikkurat in Mechernich.
A "real" thermal bath awaits its visitors in Bad Bertrich in the Volcanic Eifel, almost on the Moselle. The Vulkaneifel Therme positions itself as the only Glauber's salt thermal bath in Germany with a brine pool, but also offers the usual mix of applications (water gymnastics, fango, massage).

blue salt cave

The salt of the earth

A visit to a salt cave is like a walk by the sea, relaxing and effective. Scientific studies have confirmed the relaxing effect on the organism. Pleasant music and soft light strengthen the psychological effect.
You can visit the salt cave SanaVita in Simmerath or, in opposite direction, the blue salt cave on Satzvey Castle. Here you can also book a whole body or singing bowl massage.

massage - hot stone

Massage & hot stone

Therapy and relaxation technique - massage promotes blood circulation, stimulates the metabolism, and relieves tension. In addition to the classical form, many (exotic) variations are now offered, e. g. Thai, Tuina, Shiatsu or Ayurvedic massage, also around the Wackerberg.
In Kall, Jörg Rudlof has made a name for himself, and the name of the website is also his program: Verspannungen-Ade (= goodbye to tension).
In Hellenhal Alexandra Wirtz presents under the title "Awinita Wellness" a mixture of massage, cosmetics, and self-discovery.