Making teams better:
Workshop Wackerberg

Making teams better:
Workshop Wackerberg

»The secret of getting ahead is getting started.«

Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie, British writer ("Queen of Crime"), 1890 – 1976

A lonely, old manor house, in the middle of the forest, far away from civilization: 8 or 10 guests arrive here to spend a few quiet days together. Most of them won't live to see the next morning....

Agatha Christie fans and other detective story lovers know the plot.
Today, this is called team building, coaching or workshop. Without any butler and cook, but all participants should survive the event in good health.


Seminar room ....

A few comfortable chairs, a large monitor, a flipchart - this is probably still part of the conventional basic equipment for a successful workshop. A free view into nature out of the panoramic windows is considered a welcome extra.
WLAN is available throughout the house, a LTE hotspot for faster transmissions can be added at any time.

winter garden

or winter garden?

The winter garden on the back of the house forms a much more informal discussion, learning or working environment. There is an 80 sqm wooden terrace, which can also be used, provided the weather is suitable.
It is quite easy to separate smaller working groups or conduct confidential one-on-one interviews.

Schlafzimmer 2

A bedroom with a private bathroom ....

Up to 16 seminar participants can stay overnight in the Waldquartier Wackerberg. Two of the (double) bedrooms even have their own bathroom; the furniture has been selected to create a healthy room climate and support restful sleep.


or Hobbit houses?

Only a stone's throw away from the winter garden, you`ll find the "Hobbit houses", two comfortable wooden huts with a total of four separate cabins. All their beds have a standard size of 90 x 200 cm.

aerial view

Forest coaching: walk & talk

No, you don't have to hug trees. Some coaches swear by it: The combination of walking and talking in nature has a very positive effect. It lets you breathe deeply and trains senses and mindfulness.
Just the distance to roads and houses (more than 2.5 km as the crow flies), especiallyå the complete absence of traffic noise, makes it so much easier to concentrate on the essential things.

barbecue hut

Barbecue & forest hut

The open forest hut, located about 70 m from Haus Wackerberg on private property, is the ideal meeting point for outdoor activities or a barbecue evening. Curious hikers are not to be expected here - you stay completely amongst yourself.
The surrounding terrain can be used as an archery course (please bring your own equipment).

table tennis

Break match

Every 60 to 90 minutes, body and mind need a break - this is especially true for learning. The recovery effect is the strongest, as various studies have shown, if the interruption is fun and at the same time stimulates the circulation.
There are several possibilities, and a table tennis match in the fitness room is one of them.



For many people, taking a sauna is the epitome of relaxation.
Such a finale after a strenuous seminar or coaching day is great for regeneration and motivation at the same time.
The Waldquartier Wackerberg has got a spacious sauna facility for up to eight people with direct access to nature, a shower and a large cooling basin.

panorama 360°-Ansicht

Distance from everyday life

Teambuilding The Eifel - forest, wilderness, water. For a few years, there has been a national park, the first and so far only one in North Rhine-Westphalia. Obviously this is exactly the right environment for the first - and meanwhile oldest - German Survival trainer, Bernd Tesch, but also for epigones like Uwe Belz (wildlife education & wilderness training) or the Wildniswerkstatt Düttling.
The Waldquartier Wackerberg is equipped for completely different projects - and, above all, much more comfortable. This is where groups meet,
• to prepare intensively for an examination;
• to end a meeting or congress in a retreat;
• to advance a joint project;
• to form a successful team from individualists;
• but above all - to gain distance from everyday life and to find oneself.



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